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Our Process is simple yet thorough. We make sure you have the most information upfront so that the entire home-building experience is an enjoyable one.

Best Custom Homes in Bastrop
Beautiful Custom Home Project

Initial Meeting

  • What size of home?
  • Price range you are willing to spend?
  • Do you have house plan or looking for one?
  • Go over specifics of what you want in the house.
  • If you don’t have financing yet this is the time to apply for it.
Beautiful Custom Home Project

Follow Up

  • Go over exact details for finish of your house.
  • Give you estimated price for your home.
  • Finish up final bid after extras or additions.
Beautiful Custom Home Project

Sign Contract

  • Type up and signing of contract.
  • Apply for permits.
Beautiful Custom Home Project

Breaking Ground

  • Construction begins.
  • Occasional meetings to discuss any questions or changes.
Beautiful Custom Home Project

Final Meeting

  • Meet to discuss any concerns if any and tie up loose ends.
  • Completion period of construction phase.
  • Set closing date.
Beautiful Custom Home Project


  • Sign and complete contract.
  • Hand keys to new home owners.