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It wouldn’t be uncommon to pull up to the jobsight and see Rick or one of his sons , Jonathan or Shawn, actually working on your new home. The Juarez family treats every custom home project with a hands-on approach.

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Rick Juarez is proud to be the fourth generation to call Bastrop home. His family settled in Bastrop in the late 1800’s and have established their reputation as impeccable master craftsman, including restorations of historic homes and buildings. Rick has built homes in Bastrop since 1982, and specializes in Custom Homes built with the highest quality of workmanship and materials. He works closely with each customer to create their dream home.

Rick is pleased to announce the addition of his two sons, Shawn and Jonathan, to the company. They joined him following graduation from Texas A&M University in May, 2008. Shawn and Jonathan began their careers in the construction business at a young age, working alongside their dad on weekends, holidays and during the summer. Rick’s work ethics and commitment to perfection is evident in their knowledge of the trade and craftsmanship.